Italy Checked Classic Hijab Floral Elegant Luxury Silk Scarves


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1pc/polybag ,10pcs/big polybag 
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2-7days approx 
Spring ,Summer ,Autumn ,Winter 

Our company ( Zhejiang Shenaifei Garments Co., Ltd ) is the professional manufacturer of muslim products in China . We have our own factory,located in Yiwu City,which is specializes in producing printed hijab , turban , inner cap, etc . The annual revenue is $50millions – $100 millions. We can do the custom products, and we try our best to meet any requirements of customers . The OEM/ODM service ,the lower MOQ and the higher quality control show our factory’s strengths and won praise from many customers . Our production’s delivery time is very fast ,because we always ship the products by international express such as Fedex ,UPS and DHL in order to let our customers get the products in a short time . We have our own professional designers with unique design thoughts and they are able to make the designs according to customers’ demands. In addition, we have an excellent sales team and a group of professional sewing workers who make our company develop better and better . We attach great importance to after-sales service which make our customers more and more satisfied with our products.Most of our customers live in the United States, the United Kingdom,Germany,Australia,Africa ,etc.We are sincerely hope you will be interested in our factory and products,contact us and create a long-term cooperation.

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